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September 23, 2011

Sugar and Spice, Our Fly-in Experience

Well she’s done it again, Kelsey Martel Photography helped capture our very first crafts fair at this year’s International Seaplane Fly-in in Greenville, Maine. And per usual her shots are amazing! Thanks so much Kelsey!

Where we were: Selling our barnhouse brand products on the corner of Cottage Street and Lily Bay Rd. aka “The Hanson House!” big shout out to Carla and Bruce Hanson for letting us set up on their lawn! Thank you again.

What we sold: Our Farm Fresh Eggs, Homemade Pickled Products (pickled cucumbers, beans, and jalapenos) and Barnhouse Biscuits, organic homemade dog treats in 5 different varieties. Barnhouse Biscuits Original Recipe (Peanut Butter and Honey), Bar Harbor Bones (Pumpkin and Spice), Moosehead Muffins (Carob chip), Tumbledown Treats (Trail Mix) and our FLY-IN SPECIAL Banana Carob Chip, we also had a few packages of Lucky Dogz (a variety pack of all 5 treat types!)

What we learned: People love spicy! We sold all our spicy beans first and fast! Then came the spicy pickles and then the slightly sweet recipe. We had great responses to our packaging and “look” and the dogs who participated in the taste test all seemed pretty pleased with the dog biscuits! Kelsey’s photography was so well received there is talk that she may be selling her prints along with us next time!

Please enjoy some of my favorite photographs from our weekend!

Katahdin, Downtown Greenville, Maine

Farm Fresh Eggs

Dilly Beans and Business Cards

Pickle Labels

Barnhouse Brand Product Jars

Spicy Pickled Jalapenos

8 oz bag of Fly-in Specials

6 oz bag of Barnhouse Biscuits Original Recipe

9-11 Memorial Fly By

Mark and Tavia at the Fly-In 2011

We hope to see you there next year! Stay inspired!