“the pack”

Name: Boomer (m)

Breed: Yellow Lab 95 lbs.

Age: 4

Likes: Chasing balls, eating socks or oven mitts, mountain hiking, swimming, cuddling, being outside, playing with Tank, playing keep away of any kind

Dislikes: The vacuum, trips to the vet, surgeries, riding in the car

Nicknames: Booms, Boomsie, Boom-bastic, Bubbles, Boom-Stickah, Boomer Boy, Boomtastic

Name: Ruca (f) (Angel*)

Breed: English Mastiff (Fawn) 130 lbs.

Age: 12~ October 4, 1999 to December 12, 2011 Rest East Sweet Girl

Likes: Kittens, getting in the trash can, chewing Brutus’ toys, beach walks, chasing squirrels or moles, napping

Dislikes: Sharing her bed (except with Brutus), bloat (she survived a scary ordeal)

Nicknames: Ru-ru, Spooky, Ruky-Tuky, Princess Pup, Ru

Name: Brutus (m)

Breed: English Mastiff (brindle) 150 lbs.

Age: 8 -10? (Adopted from Friends of Rescued Mastiffs)

Likes: Love… any kind, patchouli, his toy “baby”, big comfy beds or super tiny ones he can squeeze into, riding up front or head out the window, laying in the sun, Ruca

Dislikes: Ruca eating his baby, Moby (just kidding, he’s getting used to the idea), not being fed on time, being gated out of the living room, getting kicked off the couches

Nicknames: B, Bruti, Brutal-Butts, Rumple-brutal-stillskins, Eeyore, Circle Tail, Pimp-daddy-b-rutal-kiss

Name: Moby (m)

Breed: English Mastiff (brindle) 205 lbs.

Age: 6-7 ( Adopted from Friends of Rescued Mastiffs)

Likes: Rides in the car, laying in front of the fireplace, barking at the fence when people walk by, playing with Boomer, looking handsome, contemplating life, dog bones, kids, being fed

Dislikes: Getting out of the car, coming inside from playing, scary little dogs, baby gates, being left behind

Nicknames: Mobs, Mobster, Moobs, Mobile, Mobilious, Handsome Man, Confucius


2 Comments to ““the pack””

  1. What about the cats?

  2. Cats are coming, I didn’t have access to the pictures I wanted to use the day I posted this, but more to come soon! Chickies too 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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