living inspired

Introducing our new barnhouse cupola logo….a  little homage to my love of all types of barn architecture! And why the dog weathervane you ask? Well for a few reasons, I’ll start with two for now and you’ll soon find out the third… one, the rooster is so over done and cliché ….and two, because barnhouse living  is about normal everyday living something many people can relate to….you know muddy paws, the occasional chewed hand towel, never a black sweater without some kind of pet fur attached to it. I have found that people can relate to dogs and all that goes with being a dog owner. Dog owners are typically a proud group; we all want to share funny pet stories, heartwarming moments and impressive accomplishments with our follow dog lovers. Pets have become like members of our family; they bring us down to earth with their simple love of life. What’s better than a happy tail wag when you get home at night? And what is a home without a loyal fun-loving dog running around…..hmmm or 4?  

The tag line…sort of an abstract idea with many possible interpretations, so I’ll try to explain where we were going with it. “Living inspired” ….. there are certain things we all do in our lives because of the way we live. We might have certain routines, favorite products, tools or ways we do things because it makes our lives a  little easier, a little more fun, or maybe a little more interesting. This site is about all things that are inspired by how we live. A collection of all “things” for lack of a better term, that inspire us, keep us learning, and make us happy in this busy world!


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