Hi! I’m Tavia.

I live in Maine not far from the beach with my boyfriend Mark.  I work as a full-time kitchen designer for a local, privately owned company.  I spent 4 amazing years going to school in Boston with some of the most fabulous people I have ever met in my life! I received my Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and Minored in Business at Newbury College. (shout out, Go Nighthawks! lol) After college I moved back to Maine to pursue a design career and I have been working in kitchen design for 5 years.

I have a huge obsession for ALL things design related and quite a few other things as well…..shoes, accent pillows, art and photography, coffee, sea-salted chocolate, pergolas, lobsters, sour candy, anything toile, gerbera daisies, pickles and tea, just to run down a small portion of my list!  My most recent love to add to my list is a love of barns…..and let’s face it, it’s more than an elementary school crush, it’s a down right steamy romance. Say the word cupola and you’ve definitely won my attention!

We live in a house full of animals, 4 dogs (3 here with us now and 1 at the rainbow bridge, our angel Ruca), 2 cats, and 13 chickens including one rooster, (otherwise known as “Hugh and the Girls”)~ so at times it feels as though I live in a barn!  Sadly without the typical architectural details…..you know, exposed weathered beams, timber frame construction, cupolas, oh my! No it’s a modest ’40’s ranch with room for all the pets and it works quite well, so for now I’ll just lust over all those other details! Life with 3 relatively large dogs and 2 very unique felines can be hectic and it’s not for everyone but it’s real and I love it!


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