Paisley Princess

Well back again! I know, I know it’s been a while yet again… lots going on, too much to disclose on this little post but more to come I promise.

I want to talk about a love of mine, PAISLEY. I love paisley prints on just about anything and I really have no idea why? There just happens to be something about the shapes and free flowing doodles that always seems to catch my eye. I was watching HGTV recently and saw a program with designer Candice Olsen and she used a beautiful orange and rust color hued paisley fabric for the curtains in an Indian inspired family room. First of all I thought to myself, “Oh awesome she is using one of my favorite fabric patterns!” Secondly I thought to myself, “Wow I have no idea where most of my favorite design attractions originate from?”

So for my own education I did a little research on the origin of the paisley pattern and I thought I’d share a link to a very informative blog post about the history and origin of paisley from the Vale of Kashmir to India and into Europe through trade routes and back to our modern day more contemporary versions we see on everyday items such as bandannas.

Here is the blog that tells the great story of the classic kidney bean shape, to the ying-yang influence and the natural leaf with more geometric influences as the pattern evolves over the ages.

And now my favorite part pictures of paisley applications! Enjoy! Happy Thursday all!

Via Google ImagesVia Google Images

Paisley goes a bit more Contemporary (via google images)

Paisley PillowsImage Via Jillian Frances Blog

Image Via Jillian Frances Blog


3 Comments to “Paisley Princess”

  1. I also love the Paisley print so much that I named my daughter Paisley 20 years ago. It has always caught my eye and still does to this day. Thank you for sharing the link.

  2. Paisley and Toile always makes me think of you! The other day we had a clarence house rep come in and there was this awesome orange and grey toile…it was so YOU!

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