Saying Goodbye to an Angel

We lost our beloved Ruca this week. She was laid to rest on Monday the 12th of December. She fought a brave battle with cancer and we couldn’t see her suffer through any more pain. It was a beautiful and unusually warm and sunny winter day the day she laid down to rest.  I wish I could write more about that day and about her as I truly could go on and on about what an amazing dog she was and what a great life she had.  I’d love to tell you how she taught me more about strength and patience and perseverance than I ever thought possible. And this post could be filled with funny stories of her long and happy life with Mark and with others and with me. And there are so many sweet memories of her unconditional love that I would love to share, but right now I can’t, it’s too fresh; I am heartbroken and I miss her. I missed her the second she was gone. I can’t bare to talk much more about it right now but I wanted to share a poem that I wrote this week as I was collecting my thoughts about her passing.

Paw Prints

Our pet’s lives are never long enough; there’s never enough time.

They are here for a just a glimmer, each one a sparkle in our life’s sky.

Ruca was our shooting star; she had such magic in her eyes.

She gave us more than we ever could; but I think she knows we tried.

Saying goodbye was the hardest day, we didn’t want to part;

But she is always with us now… she left paw prints on our hearts.

by  TCD

Rest easy baby girl. We will take care of all your boys for you.  We miss you so much and we will love you forever.

Ruca Stuart 10/4/99 ~ 12/12/11

PS~ Brutus says he loves you and he can’t wait to cuddle with you again someday. xoxo


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