Where’s the holiday cheer?

Well it’s about time I post something, I mean the last time I was on here it was warm and rainy….. oh wait it’s warm and rainy now! Yes it’s December and I am looking at 51 degrees on my weather report with grey skies and rain all day! Some of you might think, “What’s the problem? Nothing wrong with a short, mild winter?” Well the problem is I live in Maine! I expect snow and cold weather this time of year, in fact I enjoy it! I mean winter snow brings a white Christmas and wonderful cold weather activities like skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing,and  sledding!  Not to mention the cozy feeling you get when it’s super cold outside and you have no place to be but in front of your fireplace with a good book. If I wanted warm mild weather all year long, I’d move! (still may but that’s another story for another time) The point is, I am in New England now, and I like the four seasons! (Granted sometimes our winter can be extra long and drag itself into Spring creating a nasty mess! But I am trying not to think about that now!) It’s hard to get into the holiday sprint with all this gloomy weather outside so today I thought I’d share some holiday decoration pictures to help brighten up your day! Enjoy!




Great idea via



Yum! Via




Happy Holidays!


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