Creatvity is inspiring

I love creative ideas. You know that moment where you see something and say “now why didn’t I think to do that?” I love those moments because it means that you are exposed to someone else’s creative thought and it can open up a whole new world of creative thoughts; an inspiring circle of ideas.

Today I am taken with the idea of repurposing things. It all started when I was pouring my morning coffee in my kitchen on my way to work; I looked up and saw one of my favorite things, a big, old, red oil well marker from the Gulf of Mexico, that hangs on the turquoisey-blue wall in my kitchen, and I thought to myself, “Wow I love that sign.” It’s old, it’s worn, it’s graphic, it has a history, and now it is an interesting piece of art in my kitchen that makes me smile. The red color is so nice against the blue wall, I really couldn’t imagine having anything else in its place. Now I don’t know the whole story behind the item very well as it came with Mark when he moved in but I know that it definitely works great in our kitchen and it’s one of my favorite pieces that he owned and brought along with him, a little perk of doubling household goods I guess! By repurposing the marker as art, it has prolonged the life of the item, given it a new job and brought a much needed accent color to my kitchen. I thought I would search for some other inspiring ideas on repurposing things and share them with you! Let me tell you there are so many fabulous ideas out there, I could only pick a few to share but wow take a look at some of these interesting pieces and maybe you’ll be inspired to go home and turn your old drum set into storage ottomans or something! Stay inspired!
Ideas for great design features in and around your home….

Ladder Bookshelf, who knew? Poetichome did!

Glass Bottles as Pendent Lights, yess please! Thank you!

Old Barn Doors used in Interior, to die for!!!!

Via Heart of Light

This idea for using old wine boxes as garden planters is great.  It’s a great way to keep your favorite herbs separate from each other if you like and not too far away. Here’s another thought, use some wrought iron brackets and attach them directly to your home under your kitchen windows like window boxes!  It definitely adds an interesting and unique vintage charm to gardening!

Repurposed Items in the Kitchen, my favorite room!

Genius! Via DesignConsignOakPark

Old crates as Kitchen Shelving Source Poetichome

Ideas for sprucing up our old suitcases, even something for our four legged friends! Well the little ones maybe!

Suitcase Chairs via Maybe Design

Suit case ottomans with built in storage! Via Maybe Design

Now go do something creative and good luck!


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