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September 23, 2011

Sugar and Spice, Our Fly-in Experience

Well she’s done it again, Kelsey Martel Photography helped capture our very first crafts fair at this year’s International Seaplane Fly-in in Greenville, Maine. And per usual her shots are amazing! Thanks so much Kelsey!

Where we were: Selling our barnhouse brand products on the corner of Cottage Street and Lily Bay Rd. aka “The Hanson House!” big shout out to Carla and Bruce Hanson for letting us set up on their lawn! Thank you again.

What we sold: Our Farm Fresh Eggs, Homemade Pickled Products (pickled cucumbers, beans, and jalapenos) and Barnhouse Biscuits, organic homemade dog treats in 5 different varieties. Barnhouse Biscuits Original Recipe (Peanut Butter and Honey), Bar Harbor Bones (Pumpkin and Spice), Moosehead Muffins (Carob chip), Tumbledown Treats (Trail Mix) and our FLY-IN SPECIAL Banana Carob Chip, we also had a few packages of Lucky Dogz (a variety pack of all 5 treat types!)

What we learned: People love spicy! We sold all our spicy beans first and fast! Then came the spicy pickles and then the slightly sweet recipe. We had great responses to our packaging and “look” and the dogs who participated in the taste test all seemed pretty pleased with the dog biscuits! Kelsey’s photography was so well received there is talk that she may be selling her prints along with us next time!

Please enjoy some of my favorite photographs from our weekend!

Katahdin, Downtown Greenville, Maine

Farm Fresh Eggs

Dilly Beans and Business Cards

Pickle Labels

Barnhouse Brand Product Jars

Spicy Pickled Jalapenos

8 oz bag of Fly-in Specials

6 oz bag of Barnhouse Biscuits Original Recipe

9-11 Memorial Fly By

Mark and Tavia at the Fly-In 2011

We hope to see you there next year! Stay inspired!

September 22, 2011

This sparked my interest!

Today I want to talk about an inspiring idea that I love, fireplaces… not just fireplaces but fireplaces in kitchens.

A Recent Kitchen Remodel via Indisco

I was at work this morning (designing kitchens in case you didn’t know) and I happen to come across a colleague’s photo of a recent kitchen project he was working on, it was a cute little white painted kitchen and the piece DE resistance was a red brick fireplace! It definitely caught my eye and made me think about how amazing it would be to have a fireplace in my kitchen! (ah sigh! dream on…. maybe someday!) There is something so inviting about a fireplace, and with the amount of time people spend in the kitchen it is a very nice amenity to have, especially here in New England. A fireplace can be made of many different kinds of materials, concrete, brick, stone, etc. they are a welcomed addition to any style of architecture or interior design, in my opinion. Anyway back to my point, today I thought I’d share some other pictures I found of fireplaces in kitchens. Oooo just had a thought, pair a great stone fireplace with a sliding barn door in your kitchen/great room! Okay focus, here they are enjoy, I know I did!

I'm in love I think!

Amazing Wrought Iron Shelf too!

I'll take one!

Doubled sided, a whole new dimension

The unbelievable warmth

In older more traditional floor plans rooms are often separated and closed off from one another, what a gorgeous surprise to walk into an updated cape or farm house and find an original or added fireplace. Stay inspired and warm today!

Photos above from,,,,

September 7, 2011

Dog Treats and Pickles? Yup you read that right…

Moosehead Lake- Greenville, Maine

This weekend we will be traveling with our pack to the International Sea Plane Fly-in in Greenville, Maine on Moosehead Lake. We will be selling some of our living inspired barnhouse brand products at the local crafts fair. This is our first ever crafts fair and we are very excited to get started! The biscuits we have packaged for the fair are our Original Recipe Barnhouse Biscuits which is a peanut butter and honey based dog treat and our Tumbledown Treat which is our trail mix recipe with oats, cranberries, peanuts and Maine Blueberries. This treat is named for Tumbledown Mountain in Weld, Maine.

Weld, Maine

We hiked this mountain last summer with our lab, Boomer. We created this treat as an energy biscuit for active dogs. The hike was fairly tough and Boomer did great! He was so happy to make it to the top and find a beautiful fresh water pond that he was able to swim in. It was quite the reward for such a strenuous hike. We will be bringing two other types of biscuits with us as well; we couldn’t travel to Moosehead without our Moosehead Muffins which is a take on a chocolate chip cookie for dogs. We make our original peanut butter and honey treat and add carob chips for an authentic look! The carob is safe for our furry friends and they absolutely love these special treats.  And lastly because Fly-in happens but only once a year, we will have a special limited time Fly-in Recipe, a peanut butter and carob chip with banana treat. (Dog bone and airplane shapes just for this occasion)

We are also going to be selling our homemade pickles. The varieties we will have with us include our original “Simple Dills”, which is a kosher style pickle (basic garlic, onion and dill based recipe), our “All Dressed” pickles which is our mustard seed recipe, lighter dill flavor than the originals. We will also have a spicy pickle with us; called “All Dressed and Hott” these are a spicy version of the mustard seed recipe. Lastly we will have the “All Dressed and Slightly Sweet” which is a version of the mustard seed recipe that has a hint of sugar for a slightly sweeter and tangier taste. We have pickled green beans as well. The “Dilly Beans” are garlic, onion and dill based recipe, while my personal favorite, the “Spicy Beans” are dill based with a kick! These are great just as a snack or a garnish for Bloody Marys. Pair a couple of these beans with an “All dressed and Hott” Pickle and a slice of lime, and you’ve got yourself an amazing Bloody Mary for sure! All of our pickles have hang tags featuring photography from Kelsey Martel Photography. Her cupola series was shot especially for our business cards and product labels. We are excited to share her work with our customers!

Here’s some sneak peaks of the products we’ll be featuring this weekend! Hope to see you there! Stay inspired!

Dog Treats Going in the oven!

Tumbledown Treats coming out of the oven!

Moosehead Muffins!

6 oz. bag of original recipe barnhouse biscuits

8 oz bag special "Fly-in" recipe, 6 oz. bag originals, spicy beans

Barnhouse Brand Products

Hang Tags on jars, photography by Kelsey Martel Photography

September 1, 2011

Creatvity is inspiring

I love creative ideas. You know that moment where you see something and say “now why didn’t I think to do that?” I love those moments because it means that you are exposed to someone else’s creative thought and it can open up a whole new world of creative thoughts; an inspiring circle of ideas.

Today I am taken with the idea of repurposing things. It all started when I was pouring my morning coffee in my kitchen on my way to work; I looked up and saw one of my favorite things, a big, old, red oil well marker from the Gulf of Mexico, that hangs on the turquoisey-blue wall in my kitchen, and I thought to myself, “Wow I love that sign.” It’s old, it’s worn, it’s graphic, it has a history, and now it is an interesting piece of art in my kitchen that makes me smile. The red color is so nice against the blue wall, I really couldn’t imagine having anything else in its place. Now I don’t know the whole story behind the item very well as it came with Mark when he moved in but I know that it definitely works great in our kitchen and it’s one of my favorite pieces that he owned and brought along with him, a little perk of doubling household goods I guess! By repurposing the marker as art, it has prolonged the life of the item, given it a new job and brought a much needed accent color to my kitchen. I thought I would search for some other inspiring ideas on repurposing things and share them with you! Let me tell you there are so many fabulous ideas out there, I could only pick a few to share but wow take a look at some of these interesting pieces and maybe you’ll be inspired to go home and turn your old drum set into storage ottomans or something! Stay inspired!
Ideas for great design features in and around your home….

Ladder Bookshelf, who knew? Poetichome did!

Glass Bottles as Pendent Lights, yess please! Thank you!

Old Barn Doors used in Interior, to die for!!!!

Via Heart of Light

This idea for using old wine boxes as garden planters is great.  It’s a great way to keep your favorite herbs separate from each other if you like and not too far away. Here’s another thought, use some wrought iron brackets and attach them directly to your home under your kitchen windows like window boxes!  It definitely adds an interesting and unique vintage charm to gardening!

Repurposed Items in the Kitchen, my favorite room!

Genius! Via DesignConsignOakPark

Old crates as Kitchen Shelving Source Poetichome

Ideas for sprucing up our old suitcases, even something for our four legged friends! Well the little ones maybe!

Suitcase Chairs via Maybe Design

Suit case ottomans with built in storage! Via Maybe Design

Now go do something creative and good luck!