She’s got “the look”- Profiling a local photographer

A picture’s worth a thousand words they say, I guess I could agree with that, but what is amazing to me is when a picture leaves you speechless. There are some photographers that just have it; a gift, a talent for seeing things through different eyes. They can take an ordinary object or scene and present it to their audience in such a way that it conjures up an emotional response, makes a definite impression and expresses meaning to the viewer, and that is a definite gift. We now live in a technological world; we can capture a moment on our cell phones and have it uploaded to facebook or twitter in a matter of seconds to share with others. A photograph helps to slow things down, imprint a memory, give us a tangible piece of the past, and we often rely on these for comfort that not all from our past is gone and forgotten but it lives on in our memories and in that photograh. We seek out professional photographers to help capture some of the most important moments in our lives, weddings, births, moments of transition, graduations, etc. and we do so because those people have that gift of vision; they have the look; they can see past the basics of what is happening on the other side of their lens and really capture emotion, movement and expression. Photography is an art and like many mixed media artists each photographer is unique in the way they capture their subject.  Here in Portland we are blessed to have some amazing artists in the photography business.

I have recently been putting together some marketing type items (more to come on that later) and I needed some specific images for some business cards I was working on. I wanted a variety of pictures containing cupolas and weathervanes and for help with my project I turned to Kelsey Martel Photography. Kelsey Martel is local photographer based out of South Portland (but willing to travel) and she is one of those special people with “the gift”, “the look”, “the vision”, whatever you want to call it, she’s got it. Whether she is capturing a small decorative detail at a wedding that might otherwise go unnoticed or slowing down time if only for a second when photographing a precious baby or carefree toddler, her work showcases her talent to capture moments in a refreshing way. I have had the privilege of knowing Kelsey on a personal level and because of our relationship I have acquired numerous amazing photographs of my pets and some of my most favorite landscapes around Moosehead Lake and Pine Point Beach here in Maine. Kelsey’s work is creative and original and I was so happy that she was willing to help me yet again with another project! If you have never seen her work, take some time to check out her business information page on facebook at!/pages/Kelsey-Martel-Photography/146100255404891 or email her at for more information on photographing your next event.

So without further a due here are some of the shots from our “Cupola Hunt” enjoy!

The picture below is my favorite from our day out on the hunt! The copper weathervane against the blue sky is stunning.

Ah barns! I think you know how I feel about these buildings! I am in love with this place.


One Comment to “She’s got “the look”- Profiling a local photographer”

  1. kelsey is super talented, i loooove her photos and this series is awesome!

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