Procrastination Station

Hi my name is Tavia and I have a problem. All together now, “Hi Tavia!”

Ah yes… I can poke fun use common 12 step program references, but no matter how you slice it, I am a bit of procrastinator. I admit it. There is something engrained within me as a person that allows me to fairly easily put things off. The funny thing is I can clearly see the benefits in not procrastinating, I know that in the end getting things checked off your To Do List makes the rest of the day seem more carefree. I understand that if I do the dishes now, I won’t have to do them later and when someone calls and says they are going to stop by for a visit I won’t have to rush to load the dishwasher, I get it but the fact of the matter is I just work better under pressure. I don’t know why or what has caused me to be like this but it is a tested pattern of behavior. Even in college when I would see others working on projects the moment they were assigned, I would think “I’ll do it later.” And then when later came and I was rushing around gathering research for a paper, or materials for a design board, my friends who were much better at time management were relaxing watching some hit reality TV show and boy was I envious of their free time and stress less demeanor. But, I always got it done and for some reason I was given a gift of knocking out amazing work under the gun. I just work better that way. I have 10 plus page research papers written and printed out hours, no minutes before they were due that were graded A plus work. So I guess the learned behavior is such that I can pull it off, why change what has worked for you???

Any way I am here to say that this blog has suffered from my procrastination problem and I am going to try to reconcile what I have done. Here’s the thing, procrastination when it comes to school work is one thing because ultimately you have a due date, a deadline when it must be completed, and you are working against the clock so to speak. And that is when I am on point. With this blog there is no deadline, no timeline to follow I can just sort of pick away at it with no real consequence or feeling of defeat that normally drives me to do well. For instance I have a notebook full of “blog idea” lists, ideas for topics of what to write about, pictures to show, things to cover and I continually add to the list, but if none of the articles get written, what good is the list? It will just grow and grow but nothing will be shared. Don’t get me wrong life is busy and things happen I can’t expect to follow strict deadline for a “hobby” type blog while I am working full time, caring for 4 dogs, 2 cats, 13 chickens, and trying to pick away at all that is involved with starting a business (wow- could they make that any harder? but that is for another post, I’ll put it on the list) my point is, I can’t promise you 5 posts a week but I am going to try and post more regularly for sure, I am thinking once to twice a week to start and we’ll see how that goes.

Common sign of a true procrastinator is excuses and I am about to add more excuses to the list here. One excuse is navigating this word press site, for some reason all the computers I have access to are entirely too slow or lack the power to handle this site very well and that makes for writing a post a bit of a challenge. What might take someone with a Mac Book Pro an hour, is taking me 4 hours! Completely frustrating but I am working on a few solutions. Other great excuse and convenient timing for this post is that Mark is deployed on a short trip for a couple weeks which means I am holding down the fort so to speak all by my lonesome, don’t get me wrong, it’s not hard work and I am not trying to compare myself to military wives out there who handle groves of children, their households, work and pets, those women are truly inspiring (and probably don’t even recognize the word procrastinate! What is that?) but I am just saying my routine is off. Lastly you can factor in a small room remodel that involved painting out old faux wood paneling, (yes we painted each individual groove! thanks for the help Mark and Dad) a sick cat which lead to a cat surgery and a not so great diagnosis for our ole’ baby girl Ruca and things have just gotten away from me a little. There I am done, that is it. Those are all my excuses. Pheww! Excuses and procrastination go hand in hand so naturally I am used it but hope you made it through the list and are still with me. Wow it’s a good thing I work in a field of the design world that is driven by timelines, order dates and time management, otherwise where would I find the pressure I need to thrive!? Haha

So where am I going with this post, well good question…. I just needed everyone to know that I have the best intentions to continue this blog and move forward with our business even though my last few posts have been a little few and far between. Sometimes life and our “problems” move in a direction that makes those goals seem far away and distant, but there is always the ultimate deadline to consider, so make the most of the time you have and follow your dreams even if you get off track here and there (see how I just suddenly wrapped up this post with an inspirational talk, intended to inspire mostly me)…..and every once and while put those dishes off until tomorrow, it’s good for you!


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