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March 22, 2011

Fashionably late, but happy to be here.

Well I guess a random Tuesday night is a good night to add the first post to our new blog. I know, 2011 and we are just starting a blog, happy BELATED blogging birthday to us. Well despite showing up fashionably late, we are here and excited!

The idea behind creating this blog is to share things about many of our passions… stories, treasures, inspiring design ideas, recipes, information, life’s journeys , fun tidbits or thoughts, anything that is inspired by how we live or just inspires us period. Life as we live it everyday…. so many fabulous things to call attention too, where to begin? We’ll share with you as we begin a small business venture, attack DIY projects in our home and just live our life… in the barnhouse…..we’ll keep you posted!